Beyond the Surface International is a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working together with small-scale fishing villages to support social-ecological wellbeing, nurture resilience-thinking, and promote natural-cultural heritage through surfing, storytelling, and mindfulness workshops that engage youth and their communities for healthy seas and societies.


Our mission is to provide innovative positive youth development tools, trainings, and safe-spaces for children from small-scale fishing villages to cultivate attuned, caring relationships with themselves, society and their marine environment, celebrating strengths and addressing challenges impacting their social-ecological wellbeing and sustainable futures.


Our objective is to support rural youth from isolated fishing villages to realize and reach their potential while raising awareness on the importance of small-scale fishing villages in the context of food security, livelihoods, natural-cultural heritage and climate resilience. 

We envision a healthy planet with happy coastal communities situated along a thriving ocean. We aspire for a global society that considers access to a healthy environment as a basic human right. We imagine a world that values nonviolent communication as a tool to resolve conflicts and reveres humanity and nature's intrinsic interconnectedness for our collective social-ecological resilience. 

Beyond the Surface was started by a nineteen year old surfer from San Diego, California in 2009 with an idea to use her advantageous position in the industry to spotlight extraordinary youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who were courageously surfing their way to empowerment and support their journey and the community-based projects enabling them to transform. 



BTSI is a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit working in solidarity with small-scale fishing villages to build social-ecological resilience through surfing, storytelling, and mindfulness workshops.